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  Services at Wilson Barca
For an overview of the services each of our departments provide, please use the menu on the right.

We know that successful legal work is good team work. It’s not just the lawyer working with the client - it’s also the support staff at the lawyers office, the panel of experts and specialist advisors like barristers and surveyors we have selected who work with us as part of our team - and all the software and services which we use, working effectively in the background.

Although all our lawyers are specialists the problems we deal with in the real world frequently do not come in precise categories. Our aim is to work together to apply the specialist knowledge which we have in the right way at the right time to deal with all of our client’s problems in the way they should expect.

"We are always pleased to offer new clients a free "no
obligation" 1/2 hour consultation to give our initial assessment and plan the best way forward."

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Licensing and Administrative law
Dispute Resolution and Litigation
Personal Injury
Trust and Probate
Intellectual Property
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